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Recording a new hazard



enableHR provides clients the ability to report hazards that have been noted in the workplace.

Note: To complete this process you need to have the WHS role


Part One – Locating the ‘Report a Hazard’ option

Once you’ve logged into enableHR,

  1. Navigate to the ‘WHS Management’ module
  2. Click ‘Go’ on the ‘Hazard Management’ workflow
  3. Click the ‘Record a new Hazard’ icon







Part Two – Adding details and submitting

Once the hazard form loads,

  1. Enter the name of the hazard
  2. Enter / select any relevant hazard particulars
  3. Confirm the name of the person reporting the hazard
  4. Click ‘Create’ to add the hazard record to the list of open hazards on your account





Your newly created hazard will be shown under the hazard tab in your account:





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