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Key Result Areas in OPR - How to Group


Businesses will first need to have defined their Performance Review framework and set up their library of Key Result Areas and Rating Scales.  Please refer to Your Checklist to Getting Started with Online Performance Review for further details.

Once complete, Uses with Administrator access can group KRAs. Users will need to be assigned the 'PerformanceReviewAdmin (OPR)' role in order to access the Performance Review Admin Functionality.

Now that your library of KRAs and the applicable rating scales have been set up in OPR, it is now time to 'group' KRAs together according to job/function type.

For example, for the role of a Sales Manager, you will need to group together all the KRAs that are relevant to this specific job type and title that KRA group to be 'Sales Manager'.  This KRA group will then be assigned to all workers with this job title.  As a result, all 'Sales Manager' job types will be measured against the same set of KRAs.

KRAs can also be grouped together for a range of other purposes.  For example, if your organisation has a set of company values and all workers should be assessed against these values regardless of their job type, you can also assign a 'Company Values KRA group' to all staff to ensure that all members are measured against the same vales.

Grouping operates according to a hierarchy structure.  Any grouping within the parent group will inherit the capabilities that are assigned to the parent group. 


1.  Go to the 'Grouping' tab 

2.  Click on 'New Grouping' button

3.  For automation purposes, enter the 'Code' for the the new group (no spaces)

4.  Enter the 'Name' of the 'Grouping

5.  If the 'Grouping' sits within a hierarchy (Parent), you can select the Parent grouping (this step is optional)

6.  If applicable, enter the Multiplier value (this step is optional)

7.  Assign 'Key Result Areas' to the 'Group' by ticking the applicable 'Key Result Area'

8.  Click 'Create'


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