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Competencies - How to Assign or Update a Worker's Record Individually



enableHR’s Training and Qualification tools allows businesses to track, record and report on training, qualifications, skills, competencies, licenses, certificates and compliance requirements.

enableHR is used to assign competencies that have been attained or require attainment to your candidate, employee, contractor or volunteer records.  It can be used to track the workforce’s current skillset and also ensure compliance for key certificates such as Responsible Service of Alcohol, Working With Children Checks and First Aid certificates for example.

Note: The process detailed below assumes that you have competencies already setup for selection on your account.

Part One – Locating and Selecting the desired Competency

Once you’ve entered into the relevant record,

  1. Click on the ‘Training’ tab.

  2. Click the ‘Add Competency’ button.

  3. Click ‘Assign an Existing Competency’.

  4. Search for and select the desired item.

  5. Click ‘Next’.







Part Two – Adding details about the competency

Once the competency details page loads:

  1. Select the 'status' of the competency.

  2. Enter any required issuer details.

  3. Select the 'Completion Date' (if relevant).

  4. Select the 'Expiry Date' (if relevant).

  5. Upload and detail any related documents.

  6. Click ‘Submit’



The newly added competency will appear on the Training page for the worker record.




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