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Competency Roles - How to assign to a Record



enableHR gives you the ability to group competencies into ‘Roles’ that can be applied to your Candidates / Employees / Volunteers or Contractors.

This means that, rather than assign expected competencies one by one against a record, you can bulk assign them by assigning an account specific role to the record.

Note: This process assumes you have already created competencies and roles on your account


Part One – Locating & Selecting Roles

To add a role to an Employee Record

  1. Navigate to the relevant record

  2. Click on their 'Training' 

  3. Select 'Assign Role'.

  4. Select the relevant Role(s)

  5. Click ‘Assign Roles’






Part Two – Role and Competencies Assigned

Once the role has been assigned

  1. The role will appear on their record

  2. Competencies assigned to the role will be assigned to their record

  3. The status of each assigned competency will be displayed

  4. Any competencies already on their record (see first screenshot) that are part of the role will be shown within the role.





Part Three – eSS View

Once the role has been assigned, the candidate / employee / volunteer / contractor will be able to see the details via their enable Self Service (eSS) portal.

Once logged into eSS

  1. Click on ‘Me’

  2. Click on ‘Training and Qualifications’

  3. Assigned Competencies will be shown with their current status

  4. An indication of assigned roles will be shown on the right

The user will be able to update missing competency details from these screens.






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