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I’m a Partner, why can’t I register for eSS?


If you're a Partner and you meet the following conditions:

  1. you have an enableHR account for your own business (where you've purchased enable Self Service)
  2. you've used your work email address as your login to your Partner portal
  3. you have enable Self Service and you need to get access.


Then unfortunately, you won't be able to register for eSS via the conventional means. The reason being that enableHR is designed to recognise usernames that are already in use and by design, eSS will try to take your home/work email address (according to your employee record) and make that your eSS username. 


To get over this problem, you may do one of two things:

  1. Change your login to you Partner dashboard to something OTHER than your email address
  2. Use a different email address to get into eSS.



Method 1

To change your Partner login:

1. In the upper right hand side of the screen, click on Partner Administration




3. Click on Users and then User Administration




4. Click on yourself


5. Click on Edit



6. Change your Partner login to something else (this will free up your email address)



7. Click on Update




Method 2 

The eSS registration process is able to take either your home email OR work email to create your initial eSS username. Provided the email address hasn't already been used elsewhere, it should still work.

If in the unlikely situation that both your work email and your home email have already been used, go into your employee record and update your email address to something else.





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