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Online Performance Reviews (OPR) - Overview


Raise your standards with OPR

If your business is serious about the effective management of people performance and boosting your bottom line, then enableHR’s Online Performance Review (OPR) module is the solution for you.

OPR allows businesses to gain a high level view of how the company is tracking against business goals with a fraction of the paperwork.  Quick and easy access to workforce performance data such as employee ratings, averages and trends empowers you to optimise your workforce and make informed strategic decisions in relation to the development of your staff – your greatest asset!

Powered by eSS, our OPR module is mobile friendly making it the perfect tool to ensure effective employee participation.  Workforce engagement is enhanced as both the Assessor/s and Assessee are guided through a streamlined online review process that is specific to job types where your workers can easily exchange feedback on performance, gain direction and identify development objectives for the future. 

Dramatically reducing the time and paperwork typically spent on conducting manual performance reviews, with OPR, HR Managers now have the time to ACT on the results!

Online Performance Review features include:

  • Integrates with enableHR’s main platform for one source of truth
  • Facilitate scheduled or ad hoc performance reviews with your employees and contractors
  • Design your business' own Key Result Areas (KRA) and Rating Scales that align with unique needs and business objectives for each job type
  • Gain richer feedback by including more than 1 Assessor in the performance review process (Primary Assessor and Additional Assessors)
  • Features a directory of 31+ best practice KRA's, together with associated descriptive evidence and a five-point rating scale
  • Includes professional objective and development planning
  • All results are automatically stored on the worker’s electronic HR file
  • Monitor, identify trends and strategically manage workforce performance with our management reporting suite

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Online Performance Review Process

Your Checklist to Getting started with Online Performance Reviews

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