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How to Submit and Manage Objectives


Professional objectives and development needs are identified during a performance review period or at any stage during the worker's life-cycle. Employee objectives can be created and managed in a range of different ways:

  • Entered by the Assessor or Assessee at the end of completing their Online Performance Review via Self Service
  • Employees can submit personal objectives via Self Service
  • Managers can submit professional objectives from within core enableHR


Note: A Personal Objective is not part of any performance review. It is for the employee's own goals and development and will not be assessed.


Go to the employee's 'Record'

2.  Go to the 'Objectives and Development' tab

3.  Click on the ‘Add Objective’ button

4.  Enter in the relevant information:

  • Select the Type (Personal / Operational / Strategic)
  • Title
  • Description
  • Due Date
  • Date Completed
  • Rating Scale - Select 'No Rating Scale' if not needed
  • Resources Required
  • Key Performance Indicator(s)
  • Cost

5.  Click the ‘Submit’ button





To update or delete an 'Objective':


1.  Click the ‘Update’ button on the right hand side of the objective

2.  Select either:

  • Update Details; or

  • Remove Objective





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