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Key Result Areas and Key Performance Indicators - How to Design


enableHR's Online Performance Review module (OPR) is pre-populated with a directory of 31+ Key Result Areas (KRAs) and the corresponding Key Performance Indicators that are available to your business to select from as part of defining your performance review framework.

Uses with Administrator access can design new KRAs that are unique to your organisation and specific to your various job types.  Users will need to be assigned the 'PerformanceReviewAdmin (OPR)' role in order to access the Performance Review Admin Functionality.


1.  Go to the 'Key Result Area' tab 

2.  Click on the 'New Key Result Area' button

3.  Enter the 'Code' for the the new KRA.  For automation purposes, it is recommended to enter a code (no spaces) as this will be required for any OPR imports

4.  Enter in the 'Title' and a 'Description' for the KRA

5.  Select the 'Rating Scale' that will apply to the KRA.  Please note that businesses can also choose not to apply a rating scale if it is not relevant to a specific KRA or Objective.  To do this, simply select 'No Rating Scale'.

6.  Enter the 'Key Performance Indicators' (KPIs)

7.  Click 'Create'



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