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Competencies - How to Create Individually to Build your Competency Library in your Settings


View our Training and Qualifications - Overview for more information on the functionality available to you. To assist you with setting up Training and Qualifications in full, please see Training & Qualifications - How to Set Up.


Overview of Competencies

enableHR gives you the ability to create competencies that can be applied to your Candidates / Employees / Volunteers or Contractors.

This means that you can have a range of standard competencies available for selection by your enableHR Users (including via eSS).

Note: To complete this process you need to have the Account Admin or Training Management role.


How to Build a Competency Library by Creating Individual Competencies

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select ‘Training and Qualifications’

T&Q in Settings.png

Once in the Training and Qualifications Administration page,

  1. Click on ‘Competencies’
  2. Click the ‘New Competency’ button

The new competency form loads.

  1. Enter the name of the competency (Mandatory)
  2. Enter a description for the Competency (Optional)
  3. Select the type of Competency (Mandatory)
  4. Enter the Issuing Authority (Optional)
  5. Enter the unique code for the Competency (Optional but recommended)
  6. Click ‘Create'




Next Steps

Your competency will now be available to select on the individual training tab of your worker's records. Your workers will also be able to add it to their own record from their eSS. 

You could also assign this competency to a role, then apply the role to your worker's records.


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