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Online Performance Reviews - Manager's View


1. To initiate the Online Performance Review process, login to enableHR



2. Click on Employee Management



3. Click on the Scheduled Performance Review (eSS) checklist



4. Click on Initiate a Performance Review to start a new checklist



5. Select the employee you would like to initiate this performance review process for



6. Once the employee has been selected, the checklist should automatically begin. For the first step, select the Review Period Start Date




7. Next, select the Review Period End Date



8. Click the Go button to review the employee's documentation and notes as well as previous performance review details (if applicable). Click View the Employee Profile to be directed to the employee's details. Otherwise, click Mark this item as complete once you have done so.




9. Click the Go button to review the employee's assigned capabilities and any tasks currently assigned to the employee to confirm if any updates are required before beginning the performance review process. Similar to above, click View the Employee Profile to be directed to the employee's details. Otherwise, click Mark this item as complete once you have done so.OPR_missing.pngOPR_10.pngOPR_11.png


*Please Note: it is at this point that you must ensure that individual key result areas and grouped key result areas are assigned to the employee. Without any assigned capabilities, the employee will not be able to complete the performance review process. To see how you can create/manage your own capabilities and groups, please visit the OPR Knowledge Base section.*









Once you have assigned individual KRAs or a group of KRAs, please click the Checklist tab to navigate back to the OPR checklist



10. For the next step, please select the assessor.




11. Once all the above steps have been completed and you have selected the assessor, click the Generate button to initiate the Online Performance Review process. Subsequent steps will need to be completed in enable Self Service by both the assessor and the employee.



12. If you are the assessor, please login to enable Self Service. You should see a new task in your inbox. Please visit your inbox to click on View task.



13. When you bring up the task details, you will be able to click on Performance Reviews which will lead you to the Reviews section of enable Self Service.



14. Once you have selected the relevant performance review session, you will be directed into the performance appraisal process for your employee. Click First KRA to continue



15. Please select the rating that best fits your assessment of the employee. You can also add any additional comments required at the bottom.



16. Once you have finished with this KRA, click the Next button to move on to the next KRA



17. Repeat the same process for all assigned KRAs until you complete the process and arrive at the review and submit page. Click Submit your appraisal to submit your initial assessment of the employee



18. It is at this point, you will need to wait for the employee to complete their portion of the performance review. Once the employee has also completed their own self-assessment, you will see the following task appear in your enable Self Service inbox. Click View task to view the task details.



19. You will be advised that you need to meet with the employee to discuss their self-assessment results. Click Performance Reviews to navigate back to the group appraisals page



20. Once you enter the relevant performance review session again, the system will show you the meeting overview screen along with a DRAFT copy of the Performance Appraisal Summary. Click on the link to view the Draft Performance Appraisal Summary.




21. The next page will prompt you to select the date in which you met with the employee to discuss the outcomes of the performance appraisal. Please select the date in which the meeting was held. Once you have selected the date, follow the prompts to lock in the date.





22. Once you have locked in the date, the system will allow you to move on to the First KRA to select the final outcomes of the performance review.



23. In a similar manner to the initial appraisal, please discuss with the employee their selection in the self-appraisal compared to the selection you made in the assessment of the employee. Once you have discussed the outcomes, please agree on and select a final outcome. Once you have selected the final outcome, click next to continue to the next KRA.



24. Repeat the above process until you have completed and selected all the required final outcomes. Upon reaching the final KRA, you will need to click on Development objectives to progress to the next phase.



25. On the Development objectives page, you will be able to assess and discuss with the employee their current development objectives. If none exist, you can click the + Add a development objective button to add some. Alternatively, if the employee wishes to update their existing objectives, please click on the required objective to update the details.



26. Click the Review and submit button to progress to the final screen



27. On the submission screen, you will be able to view all the final outcomes selected in this process as well as any comments made. Please make any additional comments as required, otherwise click submit this performance review to submit the details and generate the final Performance Appraisal Summary document.



28. At this point, the system will prompt you to wait as it generates the final Performance Appraisal Summary document. This may take several minutes



29. Once generated, you will be able to click on the link and view the final Performance Appraisal Summary document



30. At this point, the admin user will be required to login to enableHR, navigate back to the Online Performance Review checklist and complete the remaining steps to complete the checklist.



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