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How to delete a record (employee, contractor, etc.)


This article steps you through the process of how to delete a record.


To start, open the record file to be deleted.

Below are the steps:

1.  From the "Details" tab, find the"More Actions" box located on the right 


2. Select "Deleted".

3. Review and consider the below:

This action will change the status of this record to "Deleted". The record, documents, notes, and checklists will not be accessible in searches and reports, but the audit trail will remain. Alerts will be cleared. There is no undelete option.

Suggestion: Instead of "Deleting" the record, change the status of the record to non-current (and similar variations). This will ensure that the record is archived and can be easily found in "non-current" search results and reports. Refer to How to archive a record (employee, contractor, etc.).

4. If you wish to delete, click on "Yes, Delete" to complete this action. 


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