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Employee Documents - How to create from the Employee Record



There are two ways that you can create employee documentation from our templates, via a Checklist or directly from the Employee's Record. 

Documents can be created directly within a candidate, contractor or employee record.

We do however strongly recommend that you you refrain from using this method if there is an applicable Checklist to utilise. Checklists go beyond creating employment documentation in isolation but also account for the complexities that businesses may experience when managing employment matters. The creation of documents via checklists will ensure that your business is compliant and meets best practice standards at all stages throughout the process.



1. Select the relevant Employee Record from the “Employee” tab 



2. Go to the “Documents” tab and select “Create a new document”.



3. Select the Document Type from the drop down menu. It's likely to be a Letter or Form document type.

4. Select the Template from the drop-down menu and then click next


5. You will then be presented with a question-and-answer process where your answers will tailor the  template document to align with the details of the employee and their unique circumstances.

6. Once you’ve completed all the answers, you will see the Question and Answer Summary where you can review and amend you answers as required, by clicking on the Edit button.



7. You can Preview the document, if required. Otherwise, click on the Create or Next button to create the

8. In the next screen, you will given some different options where you can Download the document or Email the Document to the employee. 



9. The created document is automatically stored against the employee's record under the Documents tab. 



Documents can also be created via workflows and checklists. Please refer to the article Employee Documentation - How to create via Checklists for detailed information.   


enableHR comes pre-populated with a range of employee documentation templates, guides and checklists that you can utilise. You can see the full list of what's available to you here:




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