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How do you merge an Employee with duplicate records?


This article steps you through the process of how merge duplicate records.


You can merge:

  • An employee record to another employee record
  • An employee record to a candidate record




To start, open the "primary record'' file, to which the duplicate or other record will be merged into. 


Below are the steps:

1. On the right side of the employee file, there is a section called ''More Actions'', click on the ''Merge'' button.


2. Select one of the following Merge options:

Merge another Employee into this file: Use this option when you have duplicate records. 

Merge a Candidate file into this Employee file: Use this option when you have an existing candidate for this employee record.


3. Select the employee or candidate that you wish to merge.


4. Review the details of the records that will be merged, then click the "Proceed" button.







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