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Engage on Safety Checklists


Checklists in the 'Engage on Safety' workflow menu will guide businesses through the processes for inducting workers in relation to their workplace, health and safety systems, processes and requirements for consulting on safety matters with workers or other PCBU’s (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking).





Workplace Health and Safety Inductions

Inductions form an important part of on-boarding new workers.

As part of the WHS Induction process in enableHR, there is a 'WHS Induction Document' that has been created for Workers, Managers, Senior Managers and Contractors.  It is highly recommended that businesses ensure that every worker completes a 'WHS Induction' and signs a copy of the 'WHS Induction Document'.  Copies of these completed processes and documentation should be stored and maintained against the record for each worker. This can be found in the 'WHS Inductions' tab:



You can also upload your own induction documents in this tab. Please refer to the 'Document Management' article for more information about editing WHS documents.





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