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How do I restrict a user from seeing particular employee files (Blacklist)


enableHR allows a range of access control options to help limit the records a user can view and the actions they can take:

  1. Access restriction via branches
  2. Access restriction via specific user roles
  3. Access restriction via the linked record & org only view
  4. Access restriction via the Blacklist functionality

What does this functionality do?

This functionality allows you to tag specific employee records that an enableHR user shouldn't be able to see.

You would prevent this user from accessing specific records by entering the relevant employee IDs in the field highlighted below. (using a comma).

Why would you use this?

Imagine you have two managers with access to the all records within a branch they share access to.

Suppose that both their employee records are stored in this branch, as they have access to the branch, they will also have access to each others record.

These two managers may not be allowed to see each others record.

This is when you could use the 'Blacklist' functionality

Where do i find this functionality?

1. Click on Settings and then Usernames and Passwords
2. Click on the user you would like to manage blacklist settings for
3. Click on Access Control and then Blacklist. Click Edit to edit the settings.
4. In the field Blacklist of Employee IDs:, please enter the employee IDs which this user should not be able to see. Please separate each ID by using a comma.
5. Once your list is complete, click Update to lock in the changes.
6. Should the employee IDs be correct, the system should be able to locate the employees and list the records the user should not be able to see.
Known Limitations
Please be aware: for the Blacklist function to work, your employee IDs must already be set up and correct. The system relies heavily on the ID field to identify records and without this field, this function will not work.
Furthermore, this function requires manual administration in order to maintain the it's functionality. Should you change an employee's ID in enableHR, the employee will immediately disappear from the user's blacklist. Also, when using employee IDs, please ensure that the ID number is unique. Should two records have the same ID number, you will run the risk of having both records listed on the blacklist where that is not desired.
Finally, we presently do not have the functionality for the system to automatically update the blacklist. Should a user's Blacklist settings require change, it will always need to be done manually. If a user's Blacklist requires a change, please remember to use the same instructions above to update them.
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