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Meridian API - Branch Mapping Maintenance



If you have the activated the enableHR to Meridian Integration (via API) you must ensure you keep the branches in enableHR synchronised with the locations managed in Meridian.

This is important, because enableHR, via the API connection, uses the Meridian Location value to know where to place the employee record (which branch).

If you didn't have this branch mapping complete, enableHR will not be able to identify where the employee resides in your structure and will automatically place the employee in the Branch at the top of your overall structure.



When do you need to complete this action

When you initially setup the Meridian Integration with enableHR you will need to complete the actions laid out below.

If you ever add a new location value to Meridian you should maintain your branch structure and complete the actions laid out below (ie. when you open a new site / store / branch)



Part One

For each new branch created, ensure you have set an integration API key as shown in the image below.




Part Two

Once you've ensured each branch has an Integration API Key, refresh the various field settings related to Meridian in your enableHR account via the process shown in the image below.




Part Three

Locate and click on the the 'Location' option in the refreshed list. You should now be able to see the updated list of Meridian Locations.

The image below is masked so that real data isn't shown in the KB.  

  • The left hand masked column indicates the Meridian Location and Paypoint name
  • The right hand masked column indicates the enableHR Branch (via API Key) attached to the Meridian Location
  • Also Paypoint needs to make sure where are the arrows mapping the paypoint to the branch

If you find a Meridian Location (left) that doesn't have an enableHR Branch (right) then you need to click Edit and attach a branch (via the Integration API Key you set earlier).




When your Meridian Sync next runs, enableHR will move your employees to this newly mapped branch if Meridian tells enableHR that they should reside there.





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