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Navigating around enableHR


Logging In

You can access enableHR at In the top right hand corner of the screen, you will find the "Login" button that will direct you to your enableHR account.


The Home Screen

The Home screen displays modules, workflows, tabs, noticeboards, a help button and other features which are displayed according to your user access permissions.



The role permissions of your User will determine which modules you are permitted to view, manage and control. When you login to enableHR, most Users will be directed to the Home page of the Employee  Management Module. 

The modules available in enableHR are:

  • Employee Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • WHS Management
  • Reporting

You can access each module through the vertical menu on the left hand side of the screen. Click on the module you want to access and you will be redirected to its landing page. 


It is recommended that you contact your enableHR Administrator if you cannot see or access the modules you need. Your User Access Roles will need to be updated. 


Workflows and Checklists

Each module has its own landing page, and at the top of each will be three management workflows. Workflows can be seen as the different stages of the module lifecycle. For example, the Employee Management module is segmented into the three key workflows: Pre-employment, Employee Management and Termination, which corresponds to the three stages of the employee lifecycle:


Under each workflow are corresponding checklists, designed to ensure that your business is compliant and meets best-practice standards. Checklists can be seen as processes that need to be followed. They’re designed to assist you in carrying out the relevant process from start to finish and providing you with a best-practice approach to many people management situations.  

enableHR has a wide range of employment law document templates designed to support you through all stages of the employee life cycle. From letters of offer to new employees and warning letters for  underperforming, to termination letters for unsuccessful probations or employees who resign.

The recommended way to create these documents is via checklists. This way, you know that you’re using the right template at the right stage in the HR process.



Each module contains a Centralised Document Management area. This is made up of a series of tabs, and each tab has a different function. The name of each tab indicates the type of information and function available.   

For example, some tabs (i.e. Candidates or Employees) list records, some hold documents or others show tasks or approvals to be completed.



Switching Between Branches

enableHR utilises a structure made up of branches to help you segregate and organise various types of records.  

Generally the branch structure is set-up to reflect your organisational structure. Branches can be set up to reflect your regional structure, cost centre structure and/or even job types.

To navigate between branches you can either:

1.  Select a branch from the drop down menu in the top left-hand corner where the branch name is indicated.


2. Select the Switch branch icon near the top left-hand corner of the screen, a popup box will prompt you to select the branch you would like to switch to.



Please see the How can I create a new branch? and How can I switch between branches? articles for more detailed information.



Under Tasks you’ll find a list of the tasks assigned to you. Clicking on the Title of the task will open the task, and you can then run the most appropriate action, such as completing the task, reassigning it to another manager, updating it or seeing its history.

Tasks are usually created when adding a note against an employee or candidate record. Tasks can also be created at various points throughout the process of completing a checklist.

Users can create a task to serve as a reminder for themselves or can assign a task to another User for action.

Please see the How can I create and assign a new task? article for more detailed information.


Menu Dropdown & Account Settings

If your user permissions allow it, The "Account Settings" will provide you with access to the administrative setting of enableHR, which includes access to Account Settings, Usernames and Passwords, reporting as well as the import options available for integration.

The options will be spread out in the tool bar at the top of the screen. Click on the relevant drop down menu to see the required options.











Get Help


Search Options

There are various search options available throughout enableHR. These search capabilities enable you to filter the records and documentation within the system by particular data such as document name, branch, sub-branch and currency of record.

Please see the How can I search within enableHR? article for more detailed information.



It is our priority to inform you and your business of any changes to Australia and New Zealand’s workplace laws. The Noticeboard within enableHR is regularly updated with workplace relations information alerts, newsletters and updates on enableHR.


Help Button

enableHR is user-friendly. However, if you require assistance, please select the "Help" button which is located at the bottom right hand corner.

The "Help" button will empower you to:

  • Search enableHR's Knowledge Base for readily available answers to frequently asked questions on enableHR.  

  • The "Leave us a Message" button (activated after you have searched the Knowledge Base) enables you to submit a ticket for support with the Client Experience team.

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