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User - Upgrading an ESS User to a User


There are 2 main scenarios where you may need to upgrade an eSS User to a User of the main application;

  1. You onboarded a new employee using enableHR who is going to be a User of the main application of enableHR
  2. An existing employee has only had access to eSS and you now want them to access the main application of enableHR

You will need the 'Account Admin' role to complete this task. 

Before getting started you might want to decide on the User Access Roles that you will provision to the User to ensure you are setting them up with the correct Access Control to your account. You can also take a look at a current User's Roles within your account and use them as a guide. 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Usernames and Passwords
  3. Click on eSS Users
  4. Select the user
  5. On the Details tab, click edit.
  6. Untick Self Service Only and click the Update button
  7. Click on the Users tab and refresh your browser

Now that your eSS User has become a User of the main application, you need to update their User Access Control Settings to give them access to the relevant areas of your enableHR account and with the correct permissions. You can then update their Alert Subscriptions.


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