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Where do I find Wages?


Please note: not all versions of enableHR include Wages.

If you have access to the ‘Awards & Wages’ tab, they will be included as a set of documents in the ‘Tabs’ on your home page first accessible after logging in. A ‘Wages’ tab is typically included under ‘Awards & Wages’ (see the picture below for reference). If it is available to you, this tab will typically contain a list of documents with the calculated or specified wages for the Awards, positions or locations. It may be separated into multiple documents or tabs depending on their complexity.




As mentioned above, not all versions of enableHR include Wages. The availability of this tab is dependent on whether or not your account is a part of a larger group of clients we service. For some of our larger clients who have a relationship with FCB law, we have an expert familiar with the industry analyse the award(s) (and previous awards) to calculate the necessary values. Sometimes, the tab is available to other larger client who do not have a relationship with FCB but have their own internal team who provide the necessary documentation for us to upload.   





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