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Where do I find terminated, transferred or other non-current employees?


If you are searching for an employee, contractor or volunteer and they are not appearing in your search by default it is because they are no longer "Current" in the branch you have selected. 

An employee is considered non-current if their status is set to:

  • Terminated
  • Transferred
  • Deleted
  • Suspended
  • Merged
  • Completed
  • Converted



By default your search bar has the "this branch only""and its sub-branches",and the "current records only" options selected.




If you'd like to search all employees within the branch you are in, regardless of their status (e.g. Terminated employees,...) then unselect the "current records only" option. This search option will bring up any employees with a status other than 'Current' that belong to this branch. 


If you'd like to search all employees within the entire organisation, regardless of branch, then unselect the "this branch only" and the "and its sub-branches" option. This search option will bring up any and all employee recoords currently within the system. All three conditions are unticked, you will be able to bring up a total list of all records (current or otherwise). 





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