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WageEasy Employee Import


enableHR is a WageEasy Add-On partner.  This means enableHR is ready and trusted to receive information from Wageeasy.

This article will step you through the process required to get your current employee data out of WageEasy Payroll and into enableHR.

Please ensure you have a copy of the enableHR query, if you do not have the query please contact WageEasy support on 1300 924 332 or email and they will email you a copy of the query with instructions on where to save it.


1. Back up your WageEasy database (.wed) File | Backup/Restore or Select Yes to Backup when exiting WageEasy

2. Open WageEasy then click on the HR tab at the top. Click on User Defined Queries.

3. Please scroll through the list of user defined queries until you find the one called “EnableHr Employee Export”

4. Once it’s located please click on the enableHR Export | the query will open in a separate page like below.

5. Please right click your mouse anywhere on the page then select Export Data> CSV.

6. Please save the CSV file to your desktop.

7. Your current employee data is now ready to be imported into enableHR.

8. Log into enableHR.

9. After logging in click on the Integrations option which will be located underneath Actions.


10. Click on the WageEasy option

11. Upload the spreadsheet.

12. Check the spreadsheet errors

13. Success!.

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