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SEEK Integration - How to Set Up

Have you read: SEEK Integration - Overview
User Access Role Required: Account Admin from Step 5 onwards
Important note: You will need to sign in to your SEEK account to complete steps 1 - 4.

This article covers:

  • Contact SEEK and send the relevant information to enableHR
  • Update your SEEK settings in enableHR


Contact SEEK and send the information to enableHR

1.  Use this link to initiate the integration between your SEEK and enableHR accounts:

2.  For the 'Provider' please select: enableHR/HR Assured

SEEK integration.png

3.  For the 'Connection' please select: Optimised Apply (Applying directly through SEEK)

Once you have completed these steps, you should receive an email from the SEEK support team with the following information:


SEEK Advertiser ID: 12345678

Hirer ID: seekAnz:organization:seek:XYZ1234

4. Forward the email you received from SEEK to our Client Support Team so we can complete the integration -


Update your SEEK Settings in enableHR

5.  Navigate to Settings then Account Settings

6.  Under the Account Details tab, navigate to the Integration tab

7.  Click Edit

8.  Select the Branch you want the candidates from SEEK to be created in

9.  If you want a User to be notified of the new candidate, choose an appropriate Role




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