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Why can't I access my Partner portal / my login details aren't working?


A common problem that our Partners regularly encounter is not being able to access their Partner account. When they try to log into enableHR they are being taken directly into one of their Clients account, instead of their Partner account or the correct password isn't working. Alternatively, they may be in their Partner dashboard but not be able to login to their client's account using the "Login as me" option.


If you're being affected by the first issue:

When a Partner logs into their partner account they should have access to go to their demo account or Partner dashboard. (list of client accounts) See below for what you should see:



If you are being taken directly into a Clients account without the option of going to your Partner dashboard, this is because you have created a user in this account which has the same username as your Partner account. The system cannot handle duplicate usernames, thus it will only log you into one of these accounts, without giving you the option of accessing the other.


Equally if your usual password is not working this will be because it is looking for the password of the other user, not your partner account.


To fix this issue:

1. When you are logged into the client account, go to account settings and click update 'usernames and passwords'.

2. Change your username and click 'update'

3. Log out of enableHR and try to log back into your original partner account, which should now work.

4. It is now advisable that you delete the user you created for yourself in your partner account and in future always use the log in as me feature.


Note: We strongly advise that you only use the log in as me feature to access your Partner accounts, and refrain from creating users for yourself in these account as this can cause this problem. Please see below for an overview of the 'login as me' feature. 



If you're being affected by the second issue:

Log in as me feature:

As a Partner your Partner account is automatically linked or "Paired" with all of the client accounts in your portal. What that means is that when you go into your Partner dashboard, all you have to do to login to any client is select 'Login as me' on the right-side.




You are not required to add yourself as a user within each client account to have access. This is unnecessary since you're able to login into anywhere using the 'Login as Me' function within the partner portal, and can cause logging in issues. 

Normally, you should see all of the client's user logins under the "Login as me" button. If you see nothing there and clicking the "Login as me" button does nothing but refresh your screen then your client hasn't had the "Allow Partner to Login" condition allowed on their account.

This conditions is provisioned/selected by default when signing clients up. If for some reason this has been unticked during or after the sign up page, then you'll need to have it re-allocated before being able to use the "Login as me" option.


To fix this issue: 

We at enableHR support can allow this condition for you but we would require written confirmation from the client that they are happy for you to access their account prior to us allowing it. Alternatively, the client themselves can click on the "Settings" tab and update it via the "Account Settings" page. There, they should be able to see a "Commercial" tab where they then select the "Partner" tab. The client will then click "Edit" to tick the "Allow Partner to Login" condition.



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