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All you need to know about Launching enable Self Service (eSS)


Your launch of eSS will be unique to your business, so you will need to ensure you have completed the relevant steps for your organisation before you launch to your employees. 

What you need to know and do before you launch enable Self Service (eSS) to your employees

Have you read our Overview of enable Self Service?

Have you read our Checklist to Getting Started with enable Self Service?

Some of the most important things to consider prior to launching and your employees registering for eSS are:

  • Have you completed your enableHR Onboarding?
  • Have you uploaded your Employee Records?
  • Do you have any company or employee documents uploaded to enableHR, and have they been saved as the correct document types and status? (This includes documents saved to the General Docs or Policies tab and any documents saved to an Employee Record).
  • Do your employees have their email addresses saved against their employee record?
  • Have you set up a 'Welcome to eSS' message?

If you answered 'no' or 'I don't know' to any of the questions above, we suggest going through our Checklist to Getting Started with enable Self Service prior to launching eSS. The checklist details all the pre-launch tasks that you may want to complete.

How to launch enable Self Service (eSS) to your employees

There are a few ways you can launch eSS to your workers, depending on your individual scenario. For the full details on which option to choose, see eSS Registration Overview - How to Setup & Register eSS Users.

What happens next?

Your employees need to register for eSS through the link they received when you launched eSS. 

How to check if employees have registered for eSS and logged in

Once an employee has logged into eSS, their name will be visible under the eSS Users listed in your account settings. (Settings > Usernames and Passwords > eSS Users). Please note that a management user with access to eSS will not show under the eSS Users tab, as they will only show under the Users tab. 

You can also use the Self Service Reports available to your account. 

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