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Generic AU Employee Payroll Importer



During your account set up process you may have either manually added each employee record to your account or imported all your employee records at once using our 'Employee Record Importer' which includes the employee’s personal and employment information. As an additional layer to your current employee data, Account Admins can opt in to display the employee payroll tab via user access role Payroll Tab to capture and display Payroll details, Bank, Tax and Superannuation details.  

This article provides you with step-by-step instructions on where to go and how to complete our Payroll Importer by using an excel template. 

Account Admins can access this new template under the 'Actions' dropdown and in 'Integrations & Importer' section.




Click on the option for 'Import Information from an Excel spreadsheet in enableHR's standard format:'



Click on the 'Import Employee Payroll data' option to navigate to the page for downloading the excel template.



You can find a copy of the example spreadsheet intended to be used with the importer on this import page:



For this option, you need to ensure your spreadsheet has the appropriate named columns in the correct order and that employees are assigned an Internal ID number. To assist you with this, there is a sample spreadsheet available for download.



  1. Columns must be in the correct order (Same as the example template)
  2. Do not delete columns. Columns can be left blank unless they are mandatory
  3. The system requires Row 1 & 2 to be a header row . 
  4. Column A is mandatory and must contain a unique Internal ID. This field cannot be blank. If you do not know how to get unique Internal ID, please run the Record export CSV for employee records. 
  5. First name and Last names in Column B&C are for reference only and their data is not uploaded into the system.
  6. Payroll Details - Pay Rate (Column E) should have a corresponding Pay Rate (Column F) with a value as either HOURLY or ANNUAL.
  7. Payroll Details - Pay Schedule can have allowed Values: WEEKLY, FORTNIGHTLY, MONTHLY, TWICE_MONTHLY
  8. Bank Details - Only one bank account is allowed through import for an employee and all fields are mandatory if included.
  9. Superannuation - Only one entry for superannuation fund type - Regulated(APRA)/SMSF is allowed through import for an employee.
    • Regulated - Fund Type, Fund Name, ABN and SuperFund ID (USI) are mandatory
    • SMSF - Fund Type, Fund Name, ABN, SMSF Electronic Service Address, SMSF Bank Acc BSB, SMSF Bank Acc Number, SMSF Bank Acc Name are mandatory
  10. Tax Details - You can add the below for employee tax details.
    • Employee's Country of Origin - Two character country code
    • Tax File Number - Tax file number of the employee
    • Exempt Type - When there is no TFN, reasons can be UNQUOTED, PENDING, UNDER18, UNDER18

    • Tax Free Threshold Claimed -True/False

    • Tax File Declaration Signed - Valid Date in YYYY-MM-DD format



    • Employee’s Working Condition - When 'Tax Scale Type' is ‘ACTORS_ARTISTS_ENTERTAINERS’, values accepted are PROMOTIONAL, LESS_3_PER_WEEK, NONE

    • Study, Training and Support Loan - True/False

    • Eligible to Receive Leave Loading  - True/False

    • Other Tax Offset Claimed - True/False

    • Upward Variation Claimed - True/False

    • Upward Variation Claimed - True/False

  11. The Import file must contain only one worksheet (Tab)



It is important that the payroll person or your implementation team member follows these instructions exactly otherwise you will have issues when trying to import.

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