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How do I provide my workers with access to enableHR Self Service for e-learning modules?


There are two options to provide self-service:

Option 1 - Standard Registration Process

Businesses can send an email to their workforce announcing eSS and requiring everyone to register via the URL link available via Account Setting >> Commercial Tab>> Add-ons Tab

This option works best when your enableHR is first established with your worker records uploaded and you are ready to launch your enableHR  This way you can send the one email introducing Self Service with the link for them to register.

For further details on the steps to follow, please access the knowledge base articles below:

Option 2 - eSS Registration via e-learning: Introduction to Appropriate Behaviour Checklist (eSS)

When you initiate this checklist, you will notice that it has (eSS) in the title. This shows that the checklist has a built-in eSS registration notification that is sent to the Employee, Contractor or Volunteer who have NOT already registered for Self Service. Once they register for eSS via the email notification sent by the checklist and they are provided with a secure password to use to access enableHR self-service and complete the e-learning modules.

This option work best when you want to launch this training to an individual within your organisation and for new worker records who have not yet registered for Self Service.


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