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Changes to the Partner Dashboard


Along with the new payment model, we have enhanced your partner dashboard screen to better allow you to manage your clients. 

New columns

The new partner dashboard will have the following columns



Field Details


Field Details
1 Account Status

This will show the accounts linked to your partner account with the following statuses:

  • Active

  • LockedForPartnerSetup,

  • AwaitingConfirmation,

2 License Status

Will show Current if the Chargify subscription state is ACTIVE.

If Chargify subscription state becomes Unpaid, then this should update to UNPAID

3 Commencement Reflects the subscription signup date of the Chargify customer

Included Worker Fee

Shows the recurring frequency (monthly, quarterly or yearly) cost of the included workers that the client agreed to paying during the signup process.

Note: this replaces "Fee" column


Next payment date

Provides the date when the client’s subscription with the included workers component (from the included worker fee column) will be next billed.

6 Next License Renewal

By Default will display the date that is 12 months after the client's initial subscription creation date.

Note: replacing “Next Renewal” column


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