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Template for Launch: internal press release


Description: This communication is intended to be circulated to leaders, managers, employees, contractors and/or volunteers. It explains the benefits of core enableHR (management portal) for managers and eSS for employees at all levels. You can send this communication whilst in the process of setting up your enableHR account (see the enableHR Onboarding & Account Set Up Guide for more information).

Instructions for administrators are highlighted in red text and will need to be edited or removed.

Our HR is about to get a whole lot easier

This month, [your company name] will switch over to using a new HR software platform, enableHR.

enableHR is cloud-based software, which means it’s accessed through a regular web browser on any internet-connected device.

Adopting enableHR will help the business save a lot of time that we once would have spent on routine HR admin, give us a vast library of tools, resources and legal IP, and generally make the HR side of the business simpler, easier and more accessible for both managers and employees.

We chose enableHR because it’s easy to use, has powerful customisable features, and is a proven platform used by thousands of business across Australia and New Zealand.

For leaders and managers, enableHR will make managing their people a lot less complicated and a whole lot easier when it comes to routine HR administration, record-keeping and compliance. It will allow them to view and manage HR files for their direct reports and more easily manage their day-to-day HR tasks. It will make sure all our HR processes are legally compliant, easy to follow, and it will automate a lot of manual tasks to help us work faster. There will be workflows covering almost anything to do with HR, including employment contracts, performance management, onboarding, training, workplace safety, company policies, terminations and more.

Employees, contractors and volunteers [delete any that don’t apply] will be able to log in to their own section of the platform to easily update personal details (address, bank details, etc), read and acknowledge company policies, electronically sign employment contracts and complete any other HR tasks set by HR and/or their managers.

We will distribute login details to everyone ahead of the official launch of enableHR, and keep you posted on upcoming training on how to use the platform.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about enableHR or the upcoming launch, please refer to [name and position].

All the best,

[insert name/title of person posting this release]


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