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March 2020: Bulk Approval / Rejection of Self Service (eSS) Changes


As of last Thursday (05/03/2020), our application now has the ability to allow users to approve or reject changes made by Self Service users in bulk.

Prior to the 8.34.10 release, each item under the Self Service Approvals tab needed to be individually assessed by user with either the Account Admin or Self Service Admin roles. This proved to be time-consuming and tedious if there were multiple changes from different staff members to assess, validate and decide upon.

Bulk Approve / Reject

Moving forward, the Self Service Approvals tab will now have a general Approve / Reject button at the top of the tab. This is meant to allow the users with the above roles to swiftly approve / reject multiple selected items at the same time. As you can see from the below screenshot, the buttons will remain greyed out until at least one or more Self Service changes are selected via the checkboxes.


To save time, if you're content with approving / rejecting all items visible on the tab, you can click the checkbox at the top to select / deselect all.


Changes at a glance

Additional to the new button, there are now new columns to display what the current value and new value are at a glance. This information used to be contained within the next screen and would only be visible if the user selected the item of change. Single items of change (i.e. a change in First / Last names) will show the details of the change in these two columns without any hyperlink.

Where a change contains multiple lines (as with a change with bank account details, street address or postal address), the new columns of Current Value and New Value will display a hyperlink that says "Multiple" to indicate that there are multiple lines of change that you should pay attention to before choosing whether to approve or reject.


From there, if the user clicks on the hyperlink, they will be presented with the same screen they are used to seeing:


At that point, the user can opt to approve / reject the item there (as was previous behaviour) which should work as intended OR click Cancel and review all "Multiple" items first before selecting them all and approving / rejecting them in bulk.

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