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How to Centralise Alert Notificiations


Alerts and reminders are a useful tool within enableHR that notify users of updates to documents, reminders, tasks, changes to records, etc. 

As a result we want to ensure that the users are receiving these alerts to prompt them on updates and changes to worker records and documents. You may decide that you need to be notified by all the alert emails that can be sent out by the system (refer here for a list).

However, subscribing to all the alerts can increase the amount of messages sent to your email inbox. This is where the concept of centralising all the alerts to one user comes in. 


How to get started with this centralised alert email?

There are a 3 main steps:

1. Setup a new User and provide access: Create a new User and Authorise Access

2. Make sure to update Alert Subscriptions: How to update Alert Subscriptions

3. Choose an email inbox that can receive the alerts


Setup the new User

Before you start, a user with the AccountAdmin role is required.

To setup a User navigate to Settings > Usernames and Passwords > Users > Click 'New User'.

Once within the 'New User' form you can setup the user with details including name, username, email address, etc.


Bear in mind that the email provided when creating this user will receive the alert notification emails.

*TIP* When creating the new User, there is an option to subscribe to all alerts and all branches. This can be found at the bottom of the form when creating up a new user.


Please note: The available alerts a user can subscribe to depends on the roles and permissions assigned to their user profile in addition to their branch access.



Update the Alert Subscriptions

Alert Notifications can be updated through Settings > Account Settings > Security > Users > Select User > Alert Subscriptions > Edit.

For a list of the available alerts in the system please see this article.


You can be selective about the alerts that are received by this user and whether the alerts are received just to the application, via email, or both.

An example is provided below of a user which receives JUST candidate alerts.




(Optional) Setup an Email Address that will Receive the Alert Notifications Emails.

You may only want a user that has application only alerts, if so, this step can be disregarded.

If you do want email notifications to be sent, ensure that an email address is provided when creating the User.

This might be an email address that only HR and payroll people have access to. This inbox can then be monitored as part of the daily/weekly routine to keep on top of employee updates. 

Or it may be just for Senior Managers, Directors or owners to peruse when they need to.

In the end, this email inbox will allow the alert notifications to be received without cluttering your main inbox.


For more information about alerts, please see the following articles:

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