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How do I manage termination dates with the enableHR-Xero 2-Way Connector? (Australia Only)


From Xero to EnableHR :

Please note:  For the “Termination Date” to be imported into enableHR, it is important that the Xero record is “saved” after setting the “Termination Date”.  



If set the “Termination Date” is set in the past, the employee status in enableHR is changed to “terminated”.

If set the “Termination Date” is set in the future, the employee status in enableHR is changed to “terminating”.

Important note: If an employee is "Terminating" in enableHR, it is possible that a checklist is open against this employee. If you Terminate the employee in Xero at a date prior to the Termination Date in HRA Cloud, the synchronisation will update this date and the checklist will be closed. To avoid this, make either always terminate an employee from Xero, or make sure that the Termination Date in Xero is always after the one in enableHR.

From EnableHR to Xero:

The Termination Date is NOT pushed to Xero. It is therefore important that it is managed by the Payroll officer in Xero too.

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