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Why do I use the enableHR system?

  • To generate contracts
  • To download templates
  • To create worker records
  • ... Is that all?

There are more key features and functions that enableHR can offer!

The enableHR system can bring massive benefits and value to businesses like yours.  

enableHR is the key for your business protection, and familiarising yourself with it will ensure that you are empowered to reap its rewards. With more engagement in enableHR's modules, features and functionalities, you can also optimise the system to your HR needs and maximise enableHR to its full potential.

Which Wednesday are you available to attend?

enableHR conducts live enableHR Capability Demonstration webinars every two weeks where we go into detail about all the core capabilities of the platform. Register and attend our free-of-charge webinar. Please see the details below: 

Day of the week: Every second Wednesday
Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM AEST
Duration: 1 hour
Register via this link:
Who should attend: Core enableHR users, Account Administrators, new Managers, new team members, HR function, payroll function and business owners.


After you register via the link above, you should receive the webinar details via separate email.  Make sure you add this date to your calendar.

Your active participation during the webinar session is highly encouraged! 


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