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Resetting your core enableHR User password


If you are having trouble logging into core enableHR, you can: (1) reset the password by yourself by following the prompts below; or (2) you can also contact your HR team to reset the password for you.

To reset your password, simply follow the below steps:

Step 1: Launch your Internet browser.


Step 2: Go to enableHR login page.


Step 3: Select the Forgotten password link.




Step 4: On this page, enter your Email Address and Name (as registered against your user’s profile).




Step 5: Then select the Send me an email to change my password button.


Step 6: The system will confirm that you have been sent an email and will also list the email address that it was sent to.  Please now check your email account.




Step 7: To reset your password, please click the link in the email you received.




Step 8: You will be directed to the Password Reset page.  Please enter your new password. When finished, please select the Change the Password button.




Step 9: The Password Reset: Complete message will appear on the page.



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