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enableHR's OpenAPI - Project Update


The enableHR Development Team has spent several months working hard to build something called an ‘OpenAPI’.

An API is a bunch of code that will allow enableHR to seamlessly integrate and sync information with other software. Building an OpenAPI is a huge undertaking, so we’re releasing it in stages. Each release will improve and expand the number of things you and your business can do with enableHR.

There are still several months of work ahead for the team, but we’re excited about what we’ve achieved so far. We hope to deliver the first phase of this important project by the end of 2018.

Here’s what to look forward to:

Phase 1

To be released over Christmas/New Year. We’ll be rolling out two important products in Phase 1 of the OpenAPI project:

The OpenAPI

The initial OpenAPI release will include the ability to share information related to employee records. It will pass information about an employee, including (but not limited to): employee ID, name and address, bank account details, superannuation details and Tax File details.

While the OpenAPI is the infrastructure that creates the potential for systems to share info, to actually integrate two systems together an API Connector has to be built for each piece of software.

Think of it like building a railway bridge across a river, linking two towns. One town is enableHR, the other town is a piece of software with which we want to share information. The OpenAPI is like the bridge itself, while the API Connector is like the actual railway lines – individually customised to carry the (often different) types of trains used by each town, allowing traffic to cross both ways. 

Once enableHR’s OpenAPI documentation is published, developers can use it to integrate enableHR with another piece of software simply by building an API Connector – a relatively straightforward job once an OpenAPI is available. 

Future API releases will not only share employee records but will support integration of many other functions.

Xero Connector

We’ll be releasing a Xero API Connector to allow two-way synchronization between enableHR and Xero.

For example, when an employee in onboarded, all relevant details about the employee are fed into enableHR (including ESS). Those details will synchronise to Xero.

You’ll save time thanks to single entry of data, and you’ll be able to automate the synchronisation so that changes made in either system are reflected in the other.

The Xero connector will also let you display leave balances, derived from Xero, in enableHR and the Employee Self Service portal.


Phase 2

To be released Feb, March, April 2019. We’ll continue working on the API heading into 2019, and plan on releasing:

  • An API and Xero Connector for our New Zealand clients.
  • Other API functions, covering things like recruitment, time & attendance, and learning management.
  • A number of API connectors for other software systems which are strategic to enableHR.
  • An API feature that will let you integrate leave management into enableHR.
  • A stylish new user interface and navigation system for enableHR.
  • Integration of enableHR’s API into a number of Cloud-based API integration platforms. These integration platforms provide services to build and host custom connectors, meaning users won’t be limited to only the connectors created by enableHR.


What does all this mean for you?

With the Phase 1 release of the OpenAPI and Xero connector, you’ll have a couple of options:

  • If you’re using Xero, you’ll be able to do things like on-board employees in enableHR and have that employee created automatically in Xero. If you update the employee record in Xero, it’ll get updated in enableHR.
  • If you’ve been waiting to integrate enableHR with another software system, and you have a developer handy, they’ll be able to take our OpenAPI and build you a custom connector. As the initial release of the OpenAPI covers sharing information in employee records, it will likely suit integration with different payroll systems.

The OpenAPI is a vast and complex project, but a necessary one. We believe that a single software system that tries to do everything, to cover every part of a business, might do all things adequately, but will do none of them really well. We believe the best approach for businesses is to use a number of best-in-class systems, each extremely good at what it does, and seamlessly integrate them using API to share data.

We do HR well, it’s all we do. That’s why we stick to making our HR software the most powerful and flexible available. And it makes perfect sense for us to ensure that enableHR, as the best-in-class HR software for Australian and New Zealand businesses, can work well with others.

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