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enableHR AU Templates, Guides & Checklists (updated)


enableHR is a web-based HR support system that provides businesses with access to information, advice and best-practice guidance on all Australian and New Zealand employment law matters. enableHR not only acts as a central repository for all your human resources documentation, it can be accessed at any time from anywhere.

enableHR is a content rich platform that contains hundreds of employee, contractor and WHS template letters, contracts, policies and workflows which ensure compliance with Australian workplace laws and regulations.

FCB Workplace Law regularly reviews and updates the documentation to ensure that all enableHR Australia content is compliant and meets best practice standards at all times.

In late 2022, Federal Government's Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill 2022, Fair Work Amendment (Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave Bill 2022, announced a number of changes to working conditions.    These changes have been reflected in enableHR's Checklists, Letters, Polices and Employment Agreements.

This content is released to all clients as part of their subscription.   However, if your organisation has requested customised content previously, some of these standard content / documents may not be readily available to you to use.  Please request our Support Team to activate the standard content for you.

Please find a comprehensive summary of the templates that can be generated from within enableHR below.  

Our most recent changes as at May 2023:

Content / Template Type Name of the Document Inclusion / Removal
Policies Parental Leave Policy
  • Updated to reflect changes to unpaid parental leave.
Policies Leave Policy
  • Updated to reflect changes to paid family and domestic violence leave.
Policies Flexible Working 
  • Eligibility Clause updated.
  • Responsibility of the company clause updated.
  • Assessing a Flexible Working Request clause updated.
Policies Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Discrimination, Harassment and Workplace Bullying
  • Discrimination and Harassment clause updates to the attributes of breastfeeding, intersex status and gender identity and changes to incorporate the prohibition of hostile workplace environments.
Letters Employment Contract Cover Letters
  • All employment cover letter templates updated to include option to select providing the TFN via the declaration form or via MyGov.
  • Added Flexible Working Request - Letter of acceptance.
  • Added Flexible Working Request - Letter of refusal.
  • Added Flexible Working Request - Letter of Eligibility.
Employee Contracts Employment Agreements / Contracts (all)
  • Removed clauses referring to pay secrecy.
  • Amended clauses referring to family and domestic leave (as paid).
  • Amended Other leave clauses, sub clause referring to family and domestic leave.
  • Updated Confidential Information clause to include pay secrecy terms.
  • Removed the clause "Terms not be disclosed".
Checklist Pre-employment
  • Modified the sequence of steps throughout for consistency and sense.
  • Added the provision for an employer to have their employee complete their TFN declaration online via MyGov.
Flexible Working Request
  • New Checklist.
Guide Flexible Working Request
  • Guide to Conducting and Recording a Consultation about Employee Flexible Working Request.



  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Casual - Award Covered (e)
  • Casual - Non Award (e)
  • Full Time - Award Covered (e)
  • Full Time - Award Covered - Fixed Term (e)
  • Full Time - Non Award (e)
  • Full Time - Non Award - Fixed Term (e)
  • Part Time - Award Covered (e)
  • Part Time - Award Covered - Fixed Term (e)
  • Part Time - Non Award (e)
  • Part Time - Non Award - Fixed Term (e)
  • Template Forms


  • Invitation to Interview (Hiring)
  • Letter confirming conduct warning
  • Letter confirming payrise or promotion after review
  • Letter confirming performance warning
  • Letter confirming volunteer ceasing participation
  • Letter confirming volunteer resignation
  • Letter confirming volunteer termination
  • Letter of Congratulations (Successful Candidate)
  • Letter of Regret (Unsuccessful Candidate)
  • Letter of Termination - Acceptance of Resignation
  • Letter of Termination - Casual Employee
  • Letter of Termination – Redundancy
  • Letter of Termination - Summary Dismissal
  • Letter of Termination - during MEP
  • Letter of Termination - for Cause
  • Letter of Termination - resignation by abandonment
  • Letter querying absence (presumed abandonment)
  • Letter to Applicant (thank you letter)
  • Request to attend consultation meeting about redundancy
  • Request to attend consultation meeting about redundancy (with redeployment option)
  • Request to attend counselling session for misconduct
  • Request to attend counselling session for performance
  • Request to attend investigation interview (misconduct)
  • Request to attend meeting re proposed dismissal for cause
  • Request to attend meeting re proposed summary dismissal
  • Request to attend meeting regarding engagement
  • Request to attend meeting regarding ongoing employment
  • Request to attend scheduled performance review
  • Statement of Service
  • Statement of Service for Volunteers
  • Volunteer Agreement - Event (e)
  • Volunteer Agreement - Long Term (e)
  • Part-Time Conversion: Offer to Full-Time Employment Letter
  • Part-Time Variation of Hours Letter
  • Reduction in Casual Hours Letter
  • Flexible Working Request - Letter of acceptance
  • Flexible Working Request - Letter of refusal
  • Flexible Working Request - Letter of Eligibility


  • Employee Handbook
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy
  • EEO, Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • Internet and Email Policy
  • Leave Policy
  • Motor Vehicle Policy
  • Parental Leave Policy
  • Performance Counselling and Disciplinary Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Social Media Policy
  • WHS Policy
  • Working From Home Policy
  • Workplace Surveillance Policy
  • Educational and Professional Development Policy
  • Travel Policy
  • Secondment Policy
  • Whistleblower Policy
  • Right of Entry Policy
  • Business and Social Functions Policy
  • Travel Health and Vaccinations Policy
  • Living Away From Home Policy
  • Code of Conduct Policy
  • Flexible Working Policy / Guide


  • Acknowledgement of Receipt
  • Workplace Health and Safety Policy Acknowledgement 
  • WorkCover QLD - Claim Form
  • Workers Compensation Form - Comcare
  • Workers Compensation Form - NT
  • Workers Compensation Form - SA
  • Workers Compensation Form - WA
  • Manual Incident Reporting Form
  • Employee Details Form
  • Employment Application Form
  • Leave Application Form
  • Medical Authority Form
  • Outcome of Salary Review Form
  • Parental Leave Application Form
  • Travel Approval Form
  • Working from Home Application Form
  • Receipt of Company Property Form
  • Expense Claim Form
  • Reference Check Form
  • Statement of Service
  • Agreement to Cash Out Annual Leave
  • Employee Departure Checklist
  • Employee Exit Interview
  • Job Description Template
  • Request to Vary Regular Hours of Work
  • Staff Roster Template
  • Timesheet
  • Training Attendance Record
  • Meeting Minutes
  • TOIL Agreement


  • Hazard Risk Matrix
  • How to Manage Work Health and Safety Risks
  • Incident Notification Fact Sheet
  • Incident Notification Process for each State
  • Interpretive guideline - person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU)
  • Interpretive guideline - the health and safety duty of an officer
  • Interpretive guideline - the meaning of 'reasonably practicable'
  • Safe Work Method Statement
  • WHS Consultation Plan Template
  • WHS Consultation Procedure
  • WHS Ergonomics Management Procedure
  • WHS Incident Management Procedure
  • WHS Issue Resolution Procedure
  • WHS Manual Tasks Procedure
  • WHS Multiple PCBU Issue Resolution Procedure
  • WHS Officer Due Diligence Plan
  • WHS Risk Management Procedure
  • Work Health and Safety Consultation Cooperation and Coordination
  • Worker Representation and Participation Guide
  • Workplace Inspection Checklist

Employee Management Workflows & Checklists


  • Approval to Recruit
  • Interview and Shortlist Candidates
  • Prepare and Send Hiring Documentation
  • Returned Employment Documents

          Employee Management

  • Employee Induction (Standard and WHS Versions)
  • Scheduled Performance Review
  • Counselling for Poor Performance
  • Counselling for Misconduct
  • Grievance or Complaint Investigation
  • Flexible Working Request


  • Termination by Employer within Minimum Employment Period
  • Termination of Casual Employee
  • Termination by Employer for Genuine Redundancy
  • Summary (Immediate) Dismissal by Employer
  • Dismissal by Employer for Cause
  • Abandonment of Employment
  • Employee Resignation

Contractor Management Workflows & Checklists

          Contractor Engagement

  • Create a Contractor
  • Initiate or Resume Contractor Engagement
  • Commence ICA Bona Fide Test
  • Resume ICA Bona Fide Test

          Contractor Management

  • Manage a Contractor
  • Grievance or Complaint Investigation 

          Contractor Termination

  • Commence Termination of a Contractor Agreement

WHS Management Workflows & Checklists

          Hazard Management

  • Record a new Hazard
  • Update Hazard Information

          Incident Management

  • Report an Incident
  • Commence an Incident Checklist
  • Resume an Incident Checklist

          Return to Work & Consultations

  • Return to Work Tools and Processes
  • WHS Consultations
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