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Employee Documents - Overview of uploading documents in bulk



enableHR's bulk upload function is a great tool when you are managing a high volume of employee documentation. In order to integrate enableHR with your business, you will need to transfer all employee and contractor files from your legacy HR system across into enableHR. This will ensure that all employee records are complete and up-to-date.

You can upload large sets of documentation at speed to save time and manual intervention. Instead of having to upload each and every document one at a time to the respective employee record, you can upload a zip file that contains the scanned documents. The bulk upload feature ensures that the documents are automatically extracted and saved against the respective employee record.  This automation is however dependent on the record of the Employee ID number against its corresponding employee record within enableHR. Also, another important thing to remember is EnableHR does not support Employee ID’s with spaces.

The Methods for Uploading in Bulk

There are two methods that can be used:

Method 1: Bulk Upload by Document Type - You can upload a suite of documents that are all the one type of document to multiple employee / contractor records via a zip file. Please refer to the article How can I upload in bulk a set of documents of the same type to multiple records? for detailed instructions.

Method 2: Bulk Upload Multiple Document Types
- You can upload multiple types of documents to multiple employee records in one action via a spreadsheet and zip file. This method is the more complex option however it provides you with more flexibility as it allows for you for to upload multiple types of documents in one action, therefore improving efficiency. Please refer to the article How can I upload multiple types of documents to multiple records? for detailed instructions.


When determining which method is most appropriate for your business, please consider how you currently store your existing employment documentation. This article may help as well: Branch Restrictions for Documents.

For example, do you store all performance review documents for all employees in the one folder? This would mean "Method 1" is the option for you as the same type of document is grouped together in the one folder.


Do you store all employment documents relating to the one employee in the one folder, irrespective of the document type? This would mean "Method 2" is the option for you as each employee folder will most likely contain several types of documents.

Alternatively, you might find that a combination of Methods 1 and 2 best suit your needs.  


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