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Overview: Creating employment documentation - What are the methods?


enableHR is a web-based HR support system that provides you with access to information, advice and best practice guidance on all Australian and New Zealand employment law matters.

The system is a cradle-to-grave employee-lifecycle management tool that provides you with employment documentation which is frequently updated to ensure that your business is always compliant with Australia and New Zealand's complex workplace relations legal framework.


Methods for Creating Employment Documentation

Method 1: via Workflows and Checklists


Documents are created in the process of completing workflows and checklists. For example, if you need to issue an employment contract to a successful candidate you will need to complete the "Prepare and Send Hiring Documentation Checklist".

This workflow will provide your business with step-by-step instructions on how to on-board a new employee. In the process of completing the workflow, the system will also appropriately prompt you to create the relevant employment documents, such as an employment contract and cover letter. Workflows go beyond creating employment documentation in isolation but also account for the complexities that businesses may experience when managing employment matters. The creation of documents via workflows will ensure that your business is compliant and meets best practice standards at all stages throughout the process.

Please refer to the article Method 1 - How Can I Create New Employment Documentation Via Workflows And Checklists? for detailed information.

Method 2: via Worker Records


Documents can be created directly within a worker record (candidate, employee or contractor record).  We do however strongly recommend that you refrain from using this method as the workflow method referred to above ensures that your business is compliant and meets best practice standards. Please refer to the article Method 2 - How Can I Create New Employment Documentation Via a Record for detailed information.

Method 3: Creating a Policy


Policies can only be created within enableHR via the Policies tab. Please refer to the article Method 3 - How can I create a new policy? for detailed information.


Types of Employment Documentation

enableHR provides you with hundreds of employee, contractor and WHS templates that are regularly updated by FCB Workplace Law (Australia) and  LangtonHudsonButcher (New Zealand). 

Please find a comprehensive summary below of the employment documentation that can be created within enableHR:

enableHR AU Templates, Guides & Checklists
enableHR NZ Templates, Guides & Checklists


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