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Performance Reviews


Performance Reviews can be conducted for Employees via our Online Performance Management module. To manage the Key Results Areas and Groupings assigned to one of those records:

  1. Open the record
  2. Go to the Performance Reviews tabs (1)


There are three tabs that display within the Performance Review tab – Reviews (1), Key Result Areas (2), and Multipliers and Weightings (3).


The Reviews tab will display current and historical performance reviews. For historical performance reviews, the final result and report will be available to view. For current performance reviews, the status of the performance review (e.g. Draft, In progress, Ready for assessment) will be visible.


The Key Result Areas (KRAs) tab will display any Group assignments of KRA's and also any individual KRA's that have been assigned to the record. For each of the KRA's that are assigned to the record, the Group from which it has been assigned is visible and the applicable rating scale. The record’s KRA's should be assigned prior to launching the online performance review.


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