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Your Checklist to Getting Started with Applicant Portal


enableHR can help organisations to improve their recruitment processes through the use of enableHR's Applicant Portal.

The Applicant Portal is a feature used to streamline the collection of job applications. It is an account specific applicant page that can be embedded as a link in job advertisements or on your website. 

Applicants can submit their resumes via the link by completing a form and uploading any relevant documentation.  All submissions are automatically submitted directly into core enableHR as new candidates thereby significantly reducing administrative time.

From there, candidates can then be managed and converted into employees via the following 'Pre-Employment' checklists:

  • ''Interview & Shortlist Candidates Checklist'' - Manage the interview and shortlisting process for preferred Candidates

  • 'Pre-employment Documentation Checklist'' (incorporates Self Service steps) - Manage the creation, delivery and return of contractual documents for successful candidates



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