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enableHR Modules and Key Functionality




enableHR Templates, Workflows & Checklists


Employee Management

Overview of the Training & Qualifications Functionality

Creating and Managing Your Organisation Chart

Position Management Overview

Applicant Portal Overview


enable Self Service (eSS)

Video - Introduction to eSS

Overview of eSS

Your Checklist to Getting Started with eSS


Online Performance Reviews (OPR)

Video - Introduction to OPR

Overview of the Online Performance Review Module

Online Performance Review Process

Online Performance Review Lifecycle

enableHR's Approach to Online Performance Reviews


Training & Qualification Management

Your Checklist to Getting Started with Training & Qualifications

Overview of the Training and Qualifications Functionality


Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)

Video - Introduction to WHS

Workplace Health & Safety Module Overview



Overview of available reports



How can enableHR be configured to suit my business needs?

What factors should be considered when seeking enableHR Configuration?


Upcoming Development

New enableHR releases can be found here





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