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How to sign up a new client


With the introduction of the new pricing model, the process for enableHR Partner's to sign up their clients has been updated. To create an account, clients will be required to enter their business details and pay for their account directly with enableHR. 

So that you can manage your client's account from within your enableHR Partner account, follow the steps below to sign your client up to enableHR.

Steps the Partner takes in enableHR

1.  From your Partner Dashboard, click 'Create Account Link'


2.  You will need to select whether you want your clients account to be 'active' once they have completed their part of the sign up process, or if you want the account to be 'locked' so that you as the Partner can control when your client can access their enableHR account.

3.  If you have access to multiple hubs within enableHR, you will be required to choose which hub you wish to create your client's account in. Most Partners will only have access to the enableHR Hub. 

Access to enableHR:


Access to multiple hubs:



4.  Click on 'Create Account Link' and your unique link will be created. 


5.  You will need to provide this unique link for your client to sign up to enableHR with you as their enableHR Partner.


Steps the Client will take once they have received your unique link

Introduction and Payment

1.  After clicking on your unique link, your client will be taken to an introduction page that contains your contact details. This is to ensure the client is aware that they are signing up to an enableHR subscription with you as their enableHR Partner. 



If you selected for your clients account to be locked once created, the client will be advised that the Partner will provide access to the account once they have completed the account setup. 

3.  Your client will click on the 'Get Started' button.

4.  Your client will be taken to a payment page where they will be required to enter their business and payment details. The fields populated on this screen will be used to pre-populate fields throughout the sign up process so they are not required to re-enter the same details.

If your client received a voucher code for considered pricing, they will enter it on the payment page. 



When complete, your client will need to accept the 'Terms and Conditions' and then click 'Place my Order'. 


Creation of enableHR account

To create their enableHR account, your client will be taken to a screen to complete some further business details. Any fields that were completed on the payment screen will be pre-populated, they can be edited here if required. 



Your client will then enter the User details for their primary user of enableHR. Any fields that were completed on the payment screen will be pre-populated, they can be edited here if required. 


Your client will then enter their Login details. Their username will be pre-populated with their email, this can be edited if required. 




4.  An email notification will be sent to you to advise that a new account has been created in your Partner account. This will be sent to the email address that you have included in the Branding tab in the Partner Administration of your account. Click here to see how to update this. 

5.  Depending on whether you selected for your client's account to be 'active' or 'locked' once created, your client will see different screens. 

If you chose for the account to be 'active', your client will be taken to a 'You are complete' page that will show your contact details. The client will be able to access their enableHR account immediately by clicking a 'Take me to my account' button.




If you chose for the account to be 'locked', your client will be taken to a 'You are almost complete' page that will show your contact details and advise that their enableHR Partner will be in contact once the account has been set up. This will facilitate Partners being able to prepare and set up the enableHR account prior to the client logging in. 


Partner Set-Up

The clients account will be given a status of 'Locked' until the Partner updates this in the Account Details page of their client's account. 

The Partner is able to login to the client's account and do any setup required as per the arrangement between the Partner and the client. 

Once the account is ready, the Partner can update the settings to allow the client to login and start using their enableHR account. 




COMING SOON! - The next stage of development to be released

We will be adding a Welcome Message to your clients account that that they will see when they first login. 



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