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Q&As for Partners about enableHR’s new pricing model


What is the new pricing model?

enableHR will be offering an all-inclusive platform charged on a monthly based subscription that includes 10 workers. When a business exceeds 10 workers, they will be charged per employee, contractor or volunteer thereafter.

Base Subscription (Including 10 workers) $75 per month
Up to 350 workers $7.50 per worker, per month
351 to 1000 workers $7.00 per worker, per month
1001 or more workers $6.00 per worker, per month


Are there any additional charges?

There are no additional charges for modules as the functionality will be all-inclusive. There is a one-off set up fee for some areas of the system e.g. SEEK and Meridian integration. The subscription will include unlimited users and branches.


What do clients get as part of their all-inclusive subscription?


  • enableHR
  • WHS
  • eSS
  • OPR
  • Applicant Portal
  • Position Management
  • Organisation Chart
  • SEEK Integration (Setup fee required)
  • Meridian Integration (Setup fee required)



Will clients be able to be billed annually?

For clients with less than 100 workers we will only be offering monthly subscriptions.

For clients with over 100 workers, they can choose to pay a base subscription up front with monthly top up payments for any workers that exceed their base subscription. 


Will candidates count towards the total number billed for?

No, only current employees, contractors and volunteers will be billed for.


Is considered pricing still available for registered charities?

In general, considered pricing in the form of a discount of 20% will be offered to registered charities. Considered pricing for registered charities must be approved in writing by enableHR prior to submitting a proposal to a client. For Australia, please contact our Partner Support Manager, for New Zealand, please contact our NZ General Manager.


Is considered pricing available for clients with a large volume of volunteers?

We endeavour to assist in making enableHR affordable for charities, particularly when they have a large volume of volunteers. Please contact enableHR to discuss considered pricing for your client. Considered pricing must be approved in writing by enableHR prior to submitting a proposal to a client. For Australia, please contact our Partner Support Manager, for New Zealand, please contact our NZ General Manager.


Is considered pricing available for enterprise sized clients?

If your client has over 100 employees and is also wanting to configure enableHR to suit their unique business needs, please contact enableHR to discuss your opportunity and request considered pricing.  Considered pricing for must be approved in writing by enableHR prior to submitting a proposal to a client. For Australia, please contact our Partner Support Manager, for New Zealand, please contact our NZ General Manager.


When does the new pricing model come into effect?

For Partners, the new pricing model will apply to new clients signing up to enableHR from 1st April 2017.

For existing clients, there will be a transitionary period beginning on 1st July 2017 for moving clients from the old model to the new pricing model.

Existing Monthly Subscriptions - For clients who have exceeded their minimum 12-month subscription period, the new pricing model will apply to them from 1st July 2017.

For clients who are within their initial 12-month subscription period, the new pricing model will be applied from the thirteenth month of their subscription, provided that month is after 1st July 2017.

Existing Annual Subscriptions - When the clients’ next annual subscription is due for renewal, the new pricing model will apply from 1st July 2017 onwards where the client will be required to pay for the subscription on a monthly basis.


Under the new pricing model, who will pay for the enableHR subscription?

Under the new model, clients will pay enableHR directly for their subscription. enableHR will then pay Partners the associated commission.


From 1st April, how will clients sign up for an enableHR subscription through Partners?

Within your Partner Dashboard, you will have a unique link that you can provide to your clients. This will allow your clients to enter their business details and pay for their enableHR subscription. As this link is unique to you as a Partner, your client’s account will be created within your Partner Dashboard so that you can access and manage the account as per the usual process.


What collateral will enableHR provide to Partners to assist with the new sales process from 1st April? 

Under the new model, clients will enter their own business and payment details when they create their subscription to enableHR. As such, Partners will not need to gather as much information prior to the creation of the enableHR account. 

enableHR will continue to provide marketing collateral and a sales proposal template for Partners to use, these can be accessed from your Partner Dashboard.  


When and how will Clients be charged?

Clients will be asked to enter payment details when they sign up to an enableHR subscription via the unique link that you provide to them. 

Clients will be automatically charged monthly thereafter using the payment details supplied when the enableHR account was created.


What will clients be charged?

Clients will be charged $75 upon creation of an enableHR subscription, this will cover up to 10 workers.

The subscription will be charged for the base amount and any additional workers (above 10) on a monthly basis thereafter.

Additional workers are charged based on the highest number of active workers within enableHR in the previous month.

For example, if an account is created on the 22nd April:

22nd April - $75 + GST will be deducted from the payment card

24th April –10 workers are entered into enableHR

22nd May  - $75 + GST (no additional workers) will be charged

5th June – A further 15 workers are entered into enableHR

22nd June - $187.50 + gst ($75 + 15*$7.50) will be charged


How will Clients know how much they will be charged? 

Three days before a payment is due to be taken, an email will be sent advising what the payment amount is estimated to be for that month. We can only provide an estimate at this time based on the most number of workers that have been active to that date in that month, i.e. no further workers being entered into the system before the payment is due to be taken.


Will Partners be able to easily access information that indicates the number of workers each of their clients has in enableHR?

Yes, an additional tab has been added to the Account Settings in each client's account. A table displaying all current workers will be located under the 'Payment Information' tab. 


When will Partners receive their commission?

Commission will be calculated on the first business day of each month for the prior month.  Commission payments will be processed within 7 business days, of the month end and processed to each Partner’s nominated bank account by EFT. Sometimes these transactions may take a day or two to appear in your bank account.


How will Partners be paid their commission?

At the end of each month, enableHR will raise an invoice to enableHR on behalf of each Partner. The invoice will be based on 20% of the amount the clients of a Partner have collectively been charged for their licenses in the previous month.  The invoice will provide a breakdown of how much each client was individually charged.  Commission will be paid into your nominated bank account by EFT.


Have Partner’s existing clients been advised there is a new pricing model?

No, at this stage we have only communicated this with our Partners.


How will enableHR assist Partners with communicating the change to their existing clients?

Partners will be responsible for transitioning their clients across to the new pricing model.  enableHR will however provide on-going assistance throughout this transitionary period. 

We are currently creating collateral to assist Partners with demonstrating the benefits of the all-inclusive enableHR platform to assist with the transition period that begins on 1st July 2017.

enableHR will also prepare a range of draft communications explaining the new pricing model that Partners can tailor and adapt to suit their preferences and respective client needs.  These tools should provide the necessary support to ensure a smooth, streamlined and successful transition of existing clients. 

Partners can choose whether they wish to use this collateral or not.


Will enableHR communicate with Partner’s clients about the new pricing model?

No, Partners will manage these communications directly with their clients. If a client has not moved to the new pricing model seven days prior to their renewal, they will receive an email from enableHR advising we require their payment details.


How do Partners sign up their clients for the new model now?

New Clients – Prior to 1st April, contact Client Experience and ask to be sent the link to start using the new pricing model.

Existing Clients – Prior to 1st July, contact Client Experience and ask to move your client to the new pricing model. Your client will pay for the new pricing model upon their next renewal date. When they first login, they will be asked to enter their payment details and agree to the updated License Agreement.


Can enableHR provide a sample invoice that will be received by clients?

Yes, please see the bottom of this Knowledge Base article to download a sample invoice.


What is the process for the transition?

Each enableHR account will be issued with a unique URL to facilitate the transition to the new pricing model. Partners will be able to access the URL’S for each of their clients from their Partner dashboard. You can either send the unique links to each of your clients, or alternatively they will be able to access their own link from the Account settings in their enableHR account.

This URL will direct each client to Chargify where they will need to enter their payment details. The client’s business details will be pre-populated from their enableHR account. The client’s subscription renewal date will not be altered from its current renewal date. If the client’s account has passed their renewal date, the charge for their subscription will be calculated and they will be billed immediately. If the client is entering their payment details prior to the renewal date, they will not be billed until their renewal date.

Once a client has passed their renewal date and paid for their subscription under the new pricing model, their account will be updated within enableHR so that they can access all functionality currently available. If a client has had any customisation to checklists or documents, their account will not automatically be updated as we do not want to lose the customisation. We will assist with updating these accounts.

If a client will be gaining access to eSS or OPR for the first time, Partners should send a communication detailing the new functionality and that the workflows/checklists in their account will be updated. enableHR will be providing templates that Partners can use to assist with this communication. Most new functionality that clients will be gaining access to will be based on which Role a user has. This is so that clients can remain in control of areas of enableHR their users have access to. For example, some users may not require access to employee details. The templated communication that enableHR will provide will include details on assigning the Roles to users to access the new functionality.  

If clients have not entered their details to transition to the new model 7 days prior to their renewal date, enableHR will need to send a communication to the client to advise them that they will not be able to login to their account if we have not received their payment details by their renewal date.  

After the renewal date has passed, a client will not be able to access their enableHR account without providing their payment details.

Once a client has transitioned to the new price model, the subscription that was attached to the Partners payment details will be cancelled.


Q&As about the all-inclusive model and functionality of enableHR


When will Partners be able to access all functionality of enableHR in their demo accounts? 

Partners have been issued with new demo accounts that have access to all functionality within enableHR, your old demo account will now have (Legacy) at the end of the account name. Feedback we received indicated that there was a desire for Partners to create new demo accounts so they could populate them from scratch to effectively demo all functionality. enableHR has created instructions to assist with getting a new demo account set up efficiently to incorporate the new functionality, click here to see the articles. 

Can enableHR provide a demo of the whole system?

Yes, enableHR has created a recorded demo of enableHR, conducted by our National Sales Manager.  This is available from your Partner Dashboard.


How do Partners remove access to modules for clients if they are not required? 

Access to most modules is based on Roles, we will create relevant Knowledge Base articles to step you through the process of removing access if required by your clients. Please note, under the new pricing model, removing access to the modules will not affect the pricing.



Q&As in regards to the Visual Refresh of enableHR


When will new marketing collateral be available?

We are in the process of creating new marketing collateral, this will be available towards the end of March.


When will Partner’s receive new videos to replace the ones on their websites?

We are in the process of creating new marketing collateral, we will let you know when the new videos have been created.


When will enableHR update the auto-responders?

We are working towards getting all documentation updated to reflect the recent changes.


When will the enableHR training manuals be updated?

We are working towards getting all documentation updated to reflect the recent changes.



If you need assistance from our Client Experience team, please contact

If you have any further questions, please contact your Partner Support Manager, Ella Pitt, at 

For Australia, if you need to contact our National Sales Manager, please contact Nishal Mistri at

For New Zealand, if you need to contact our General Manager, please contact Lisa Bell at


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