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Rating Scales - How to Design New


enableHR's Online Performance Review module (OPR) is set up with a standard performance rating scale of 1 to 5 where:

  1.  =  Does not meet expectations 
  2.  =  Nearly meets expectations
  3.  =  Fully meets expectations
  4.  =  Often exceeds expectations
  5.  =  Consistently exceeds expectations on a sustained and ongoing basis

Staff performance against KRAs is measured according to this scale. Performance can however also be measured using your business' own rating scales.  Businesses can also choose not to apply a rating scale if it is not relevant to a specific KRA or Objective.

Uses with Administrator access can design new rating scales that are unique to your organisation. Users will need to be assigned the 'PerformanceReviewAdmin (OPR)' role in order to access the Performance Review Admin Functionality.

1.  Go to the 'Rating Scale' tab

2.  Click on 'New Rating Scale'

3.  Enter the 'Name' of the rating scale

4.  For automation purposes, enter the 'Code' for the the new Rating Scale

5.  Depending on the number of rating scales, enter in the 'Label' and the 'Score'

6.  Click 'Create'



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