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Launch Online Performance Reviews for Multiple Workers At The Same Time


You can use the Bulk Launch feature to launch either of the Online Performance Review checklists to multiple workers at the same time. 

Have you read our Checklist to Getting started with Online Performance Reviews?

PLEASE NOTE: To launch the checklists in bulk, you will need to have the User Access Role titled Bulk Launch Checklists. 


The current checklist that is enabled with bulk launch functionality is the ''Scheduled Performance Review (eSS)'' checklist.  You can also use the NEW OPR checklist which includes additional functionality

Only users who have the bulk launch role (Bulk Launch Checklists) will see a new tab called "Bulk Launch CheckLists".


 To bulk launch a checklist, go to the Tab "Bulk Launch Checklists" and then select the button "Create a new bulk launch" button.



Steps to follow:

1. Name this bulk launch  (Example: OPR - All Branches - Aug 2016) then select "Next".



2. Select a checklist to launch: Example: (OPR) Online Performance Review then select "Next".



3. 3. Select the record types for the checklist selected (Example: Candidate, Employee)  If the checklist is only applicable to one record type, only one will appear.  Then select "Next".



 4. Select the branches (A Branch or multiple branches) then select "Next".



5. Select the records you wish to launch a checklist to (eg Candidates/Employees) then select "Next".



6. Confirm

Follow the instructions for the 3 steps at the top of the page.  

The first row of the table in grey can "Set Same Values for All Records".  If you select this row, it will autofill (bulk) the same values for every row (record) in that column. (See second screenshot below)

Each cell will initially give a warning until it has valid data selected


The system has validation and will not allow you to select certain data such as an Employee having themselves set as the Assessor:



When all of the errors have been corrected, and you are ready to launch, please select the "Launch" button. This will then launch the checklist to all of the records selected.



7. Complete

This screen shows the records launched and a "View" button. Selecting the "View" button will show you the checklist for that record.



Delete Checklists at Step 7 - Complete (Optional - only if required)

If a checklist or checklists have been launched by mistake, they can be bulk deleted.  Select the name or names of the record (eg Employee/s) you wish to delete the checklist from (or use "Select all)

Select the "Delete Selected Checklists" button

Select OK and the checklists will then be deleted from the records selected.


The checklist for the employee "Test Employee" has now been deleted:



Bulk Launch Table View

View Bulk Launches

1.  Not Yet Launched

If the bulk launch process has not been launched yet, it will display on the front table with a status of "Created" and have a "Delete" option on the far right.  You can select the name which will take you back to the last step you were at and continue through the bulk launch process.  If you no longer require a bulk launch that has not been launched, they can delete the bulk launch by selecting the "Delete" text button.




2.  After Checklists Launched

If the bulk launch process has been launched, it will display on the front table with a status of "Launched" and have a "Archive" option on the far right.  On the front table, if you no longer wish to see that bulk launch by default, you can Archive that bulk launch.  The checklists launched for all records are unaffected.  The only thing changed is the bulk launch is no longer shown on the front table by default.  It is considered "Not Current".






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