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Creating Training / Competency Roles on your Account



enableHR gives you the ability to group competencies into ‘Roles’ that can be applied to your Candidates / Employees / Volunteers or Contractors.

This means that, rather than assign expected competencies one by one against a record, you can bulk assign them by assigning an account specific role to the record.

Note: To complete this process you need to have the Training Management role


Part One – Locating the Training Administration Screens

Once you’ve logged into enableHR,

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Locate and click on the ‘Training and Qualifications’ option



Part Two – Adding a Training / Competency Role

Once in the Training and Qualifications Administration page,

  1. Click on ‘Roles’
  2. Click the ‘New Role’ button (The new role form loads)
  3. Enter the name of the Role 
  4. Enter a description for the Role
  5. Enter the Identifier for the Role (No spaces allowed)
  6. Drag and drop competencies assigned to the role
  7. Click ‘Create'




Your role will now be available for selection from the training screens



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