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How can I create and assign a new task?



Tasks are usually created when adding a note against an employee or candidate record. Tasks can also be created at various points throughout the process of completing a workflow.

Users can create a task to serve as a reminder for themselves or can assign a task to another User for action. 


Please note that this example provides instructions on how to set a task during the process of creating a note against an employee. The same instructions can be followed against a candidate, contractor, incident or hazard record.


Below are the steps in setting a task:


1. From the “Employee Management" module, click the "Employees” tab and then select on the employee file you wish to create an action for (not the person you wish to assign the task to).




2. Select the ''Notes'' tab, and click on "Add notes" button.



3. Create the note by entering the relevant details.


4. Assigning the Task

The ''Next Step (Task)'' field will provide you with drop down options to select from:  

"Assign task to me" if the task requires your action.  

"Assign task for action by..." if the task requires another User to action it (if appropriate). Follow the prompts too.




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