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Activating enable Self Service and/or Online Performance Reviews in Account Settings


Please note: If you are a Partner, please read this article to activate eSS or OPR for your clients.


There are two options for activating your eSS/OPR on your account. 

1. Navigate on ''Account Settings'', and click on the "Commercial" tab. From here, click on the "Add-ons" tab.

2. If you see any screen other than the screen shown below, this will mean that you do not have the ability to activate it yourself, so please email support at: and we will process your request and confirm pricing for you.  



 If you can see the screen above, you can activate eSS and/or Online Performance Review yourself at the click of a button. The additional charges will be displayed and is calculated based on your current subscription level.  This additional charge will be automatically applied to your account when eSS is activated.  When you are ready to activate these features, tick the "Activate Self Service" and/or "Activate Performance Reviews" and click the "Update" button.


After eSS is activated, you will be presented with a confirmation screen.  The unique URL displayed (blue link) can be sent to your users (eg Candidates, Employees, Volunteers)  Please see this Knowledge Base article explaining the eSS activation process for your users. Online performance review articles can be found here.



If you see the screen above, eSS has been activated for your account.



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