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enableHR's Approach to Online Performance Reviews


Performance reviews are considered as a vital element of employee development. It is intended to be a fair and balanced assessment of an employee’s performance.


The process:

  1. Every person (assessor, employee, peer) is given an opportunity to provide a confidential assessment or evaluation.

    It is deemed fair and appropriate that until all parties have submitted the first draft, those responses are confidential. This is to drive unbiased appraisals by others’ opinions.

  2. When the last person has completed the appraisal, the employee and assessor may access this information at the same time, as all parties have equal access to that information.

  3. The assessor and employee meet and discuss the appraisals, and come up with the final appraisal and scores in the process

  4. The assessor enters the final appraisal for the employee – making any changes as appropriate


The above approach means that employees and managers get the same information, at the same time, and have the same opportunity for an unbiased assessment.


In addition, step 4) effectively retains final authority to the assessor, who may allow the employee’s rating to influence their own, if they choose.


For an overview of the Online Performance Review Module, please refer to this article.



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