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Compliance Training Centre - Overview (AU)


Boost your team’s potential and safeguard your business with our

Compliance Training Centre

Empowering and educating your people has never been so easy, thanks to our latest feature, which is now available in enableHR: Compliance Training Centre.

From people management and workplace safety to sexual harassment legislation, our library of online training courses is curated by workplace experts with you and your employees in mind.

Our courses use easy-to-understand language, can be completed on any device, and best of all will take 15 minutes or less to complete each module of learning – this means no disruption to your business while simultaneously promoting engagement and the achievement of course objectives.

We know everyone learns in different ways, that’s why we’ve designed our courses to address the needs and learning objectives of core employees, line managers and officers as distinct training audiences.

Begin mastering workplace compliance and workplace practices with our simple and engaging online training courses that have been designed to strengthen and protect your business.


CitationHR-Iconography-Black-RGB_graph.png  Stay ahead of the compliance curve

More than just a learning tool, it’s a proactive solution that helps businesses stay at the forefront of industry regulations. With our comprehensive e-Learning resources, you can ensure that your team is not just meeting but exceeding workplace compliance requirements.

CitationHR-Iconography-Black-_newspapper.png  An ever-evolving course list that updates with the law

When workplace law changes happen, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your business is on top of them. Our courses are frequently updated and new courses are added often. There will always be something new to learn.

CitationHR-Iconography-Black-_documnet-rosette.png  Maintain your recordkeeping obligations

Effective workplace compliance starts with good recordkeeping practices. Our technology ensures that when a user has completed the training, a record is stored in enableHR.

CitationHR-Iconography-Black-_clipboard-list-check.png  Reporting & clever dashboards

From searching and collating training data to tracking completion rates, you’ll be able to manage and report on your employee training with the click of a button.

CitationHR-Iconography-Black-_rocket.png  Empower your people to excel

Elevate your compliance strategy and drive business success through training. Our courses are interactive, aesthetically pleasing, share snackable pieces of information in simple language, and best of all, each learning module is designed to be completed in 15 minutes or less.

CitationHR-Iconography-Black-_man-hard-hat.png  Hassle-free mandatory training

Work towards higher compliance standards and keep your staff safe, happy, and productive. Whether it’s workplace health and safety training or understanding bullying and harassment legislation, you can ensure your people have completed mandatory training in the click of a button.

CitationHR-Iconography-Black-RGB_cloud-software.png  User-friendly platform

Accessible via enableHR, our Compliance Training Centre has been created with the user in mind providing a seamless and easy-to-use platform that every employee level can navigate with ease.

CitationHR-Iconography-Black-_buildings.png  Courses for all levels
Every course has been curated with the user in mind and is available for varying levels within a business; from employees and people managers to officers. Our courses use easy-to-understand language, can be completed on any device.

CitationHR-Iconography-Black-_gavel.png  Strengthen your existing compliance

The Compliance Training Centre is an extension of the existing services enableHR provides a business and has been designed to enhance and strengthen your people management obligations. Think of our technology as an extra layer of protection should workplace issues arise.




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